Something More available on 10/23/17

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In 2013, I wrote Something More. It instantly became my favorite book I had written. There was something about the hero that stayed with me. It also became one of my best selling books. Fast forward to 2017… I retained my rights on the book, freshened up the cover, and tightened up the writing (because we all get stronger as writers). Now it’s five years later and I have a much bigger readership than I had when I first published the book. So that means I get to introduce these characters to a whole new audience. How exciting is that?

This brings a secret baby romance to a whole new level. He may be fine with the pregnancy but what happens when he learns exactly who the father is…

A shocking secret threatens to tear apart a rich and powerful family.

Claudia Samson, housekeeper to the privileged Callahan family, finds herself alone and pregnant after a brief fling with Gavin, the youngest Callahan son. When she informed him of the pregnancy he accused her of running a scam and made it clear that she was on her own.

Brody Callahan, Gavin’s older half-brother, has devoted his entire life to running the family business. He doesn’t realize what he’s been missing by throwing himself into his work until he finds Claudia asleep in the family guest bedroom. He has discovered his very own Sleeping Beauty. Intrigued by the young woman, he vows to get to know her better.

Although Claudia is instantly attracted to the charismatic businessman, she knows her secret will destroy any chance they have for a future together, but Brody’s hard to resist.
Meanwhile, as Gavin watches Brody and Claudia’s relationship develop, he begins to devise a plan to use the secret to his advantage. He wants full partnership in the business—something he was denied by both his brother and their deceased father—and maybe now he can finally obtain it.
Can Brody and Claudia survive the storm, or will the secrets and blackmail destroy both them and their love?

Content Warning: graphic sex and some explicit language



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